Closing Costs When Building A New Home

The closing costs for a new construction home typically involve a few extra fees and additional costs beyond the standard closing costs associated with buying an existing residential home. Many builders provide homebuyers with a number of financing incentives to help pay for these additional closing costs.

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Closing Costs are Somewhat Higher for Construction Loans and Can Vary from Lender to Lender. B Because of the variety of the construction loan programs we offer, our rate sheets are a little too complex to be reproduced in a sensible manner on the web.

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A good real estate agent will know about new developments in your area. Of course, new construction isn’t always in a new development. Some builders pick up lots and build one or two homes at a time. So keep an eye out for new places under construction in your target neighborhood and ask your agent to contact the contractor or developer.

If you’re in need of a stronger post-closing process, one that mitigates risks and keeps your costs in check. The Lender has a new Non-Prime Program for Primary, Second homes and Investment.

Closing costs explained. In addition to the down payment, you’ll also have to pay closing costs – miscellaneous fees charged by those involved with the home sale (such as your lender for processing the loan, the title company for handling the paperwork, a land surveyor, local government offices for recording the deed, etc.).

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